“Eat, Sleep, Farm” “We do Grass Fed Beef”

HEREFORDS/CATTLE, HORSES & WOOL IS WHAT WE DO! With some of the World’s most advance Bloodlines and Training Methods!


Welcome to Conquela Alstar Herefords – a family operation dedicated to providing quality seed stock/Bloodlines that will help you build value into your own herd. Whether you are looking for purebred Herefords to bring an outcross line into your operation or if you are looking for good Hereford bloodlines to cross and maximize heterosis with an Angus or other commercial herd we have options for both. Conquela Alstar is situated in the heart of the Kalahari, Northern Cape combined with the Swellendam/Heidelberg, Western Cape . Our Animals run under Harsh Climates and extensive Rangeland. We breed our animals to thrive and perform under harsh conditions with optimal Performance We breed both Horned & Polled cattle with Maximum Pigmentation and Calving easy. We offer a full line of Top Quality Bulls, Cows & Heifers.

We Aim to educate people in Sustainable Agriculture, Breeding livestock and using no-cruel methods when Training Horses.

We are proud to Represent our Cattle which has been bred on a fine selection of bloodlines and Gene poles. We are currently a successful Hereford Stud in South Africa Importing Embryo’s/Semen from one of the Top Hereford Breeders in the World which makes us a very Unique Hereford Stud. Our passion for Horses & Livestock are indescribable in words, we don’t try to limit ourselves when it comes to the training and showing of Livestock. Conquela-Alstar is a respectable, ambitious Stud Ranch which aims at the quality of work being done and Projects being Managed.

Apart from Livestock and Training we will have hectares filled with Crops and Organically designed Livestock Feeds. Conquela believes in a clean, green, and ethical approach so all raw products that can contribute to giving back to the environment that sustains high nutrient in our grazing veldt. We Support Sanctuaries, Anti-Poaching Associations and our Aim is to have our Stud Run on 100% “Grass Feed Beef”. Our experiences working with these animals teaches us that they are Generally in Better Health and gives us better performance when keeping our handling as Natural as possible using non-cruel Methods.

Take a look at what we have to offer by clicking on our advertisements Link or come to visit any time. We would love to show you what we have and discuss your cattle needs!

Thank You,
Jacobs Family