Why the Hereford Breed?

Do you need to add Weight to your Commercial or Stud Herds? Then buy a Hereford Bull! We have what you need.

This is why we Breed Herefords!

  • ¬†Adaptability
  • Feed Efficiency
  • Breeding Principles
  • Fertility
  • Temperament

We carefully pick every Bull, Cow and Heifer. Conquela Alstar base their entire herd on choosing the correct Bloodlines from different Country’s with cattle that has shown great Potential with spectacular Performance. The basic principle when farming cattle is that a breed must be fit to survive and thrive in the environment in which it is being raised, on a cost-effective basis. Our Herefords have a reasonable balance between productive traits and carcass excellence, always remembering that without the first the second is irrelevant. The Hereford breed, the world’s most numerous beef breed has singularly met these important economic criteria. We have a breed that has to succeed in today’s world that possess one or more unique traits that are needed by the commercial beef industry together with the other characteristics required such as: fertility, calving ease, calf survival rate, milking ability, hardiness, longevity, rustling ability, fast rate of live-weight-gain, good feed conversion, conformation and carcass quality.


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