VICTOR Bulls-719T

Victor 719T

June 20, 2014

Victor 719T is a unique combination sire with exceptional calving ease, performance, flawless phenotype and mod rate, productive, feminine daughters with great udders.

Victor Embryo was purchased in 2013 from Topp Herefords in North Dakota, and we’ve been pleased with what he’s off Spring has already brought to our operation. Our goal was to cross his extremely strong calving ease and low birth weight traits (still with good growth) with the frame and growth already existing in our heifers and cow herd.   His first calves dropped in 2014with the calving ease with light and moderate BW’s of 35kg in both heifers and cows, but their growth has been exceptionally fast & strong. Many of his calves are dark red with pigment of 85% or more. Bulls are very thick and Deep where as the daughters are very feminine but strong. His sons and daughters are available for sale soon. We’re excited to see what the future seasons will bring!